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    We are back! Updates on the new Automo Speed Crew

    We are back! Updates on the new Automo Speed Crew

    Did you miss us? ⁠

    Thanks for sticking around during the hiatus. This last year has been difficult for everyone and I decided to take a break from the Automo brand to focus on mental health and reassess what kind of company Automo should be. ⁠

    What do we stand for? What kind of cars are our focus? What kinds of products do we want to make? What is our voice? ⁠

    All you followers and die hard fans are at the heart of everything we do. Without community, without you all, we are nothing. Going back to the drawing board helped remind me what Automo stands for and I rebranded from Automo Design Co to Automo Speed Crew to honor our community. ⁠

    Our Scenes

    We also rethought the specific scenes in the automotive enthusiast community that we want to cater to. We started out thinking that if you love cars you'll love us, but honestly, there are scenes we're simply more passionate about. Even though we all love cars, there are just some scenes that don't overlap, and that's ok. 

    That's why we're really focusing on the tuner, import, and classic car scenes. At the end of the day, those are the kinds of cars that we are most excited about, and it seems that's what you're all most excited about. 


    New Products

    We also went back to the drawing board with our designs and came out with a strong focus on the types of designs WE would want to wear. We launched a few of them recently and have even more coming out over the next few months. 

    We're really excited to share them all with you all. 

    We've got big things in store, so stay tuned. And thanks again for sticking around 🤘


    Love y'all!